About Us

Colourful Flooring is a flooring installation company that is located in Hurstville. We have experienced with providing the best quality of products that are tailored towards timber flooring. Our collection of vinyl flooring makes it suitable for residential and commercial applications. Wood flooring has become the most affordable long-term solution for floor coverings in your home and is a permanent solution to your flooring needs. We pride ourselves in selling products that will be beautiful, practical, and affordable for years to come. We provide a huge range of timber flooring products as well as the best quality of services. We are committed to provide a comprehensive service and achieving this by texture, service and overall value. These are what we dedicate to combining towards installing your floorings. We don’t just provide timber flooring services but also carpet and carpet flooring as well. Our flooring services include: laminated flooring, bamboo flooring, engineered floating flooring and solid timber flooring.

We help guide our customers through choosing the most suitable products for their project. We take our contribution seriously and constantly think of processes of reusing and recycling waste to lower carbon neutral as low as possible, guaranteeing that you go home with a beautiful new floor. Our suppliers are environmentally ensuring a non-toxic and waste-free manufacturing process. The major environment advantages of wood products, including include superior strength in proportion to its weight, versatility to work with its renewable properties and accessibility.

At the heart of our business is our key promise to you to help you find the floor you have been searching for. Embracing the latest product developments and sales, our store layouts and interior decorating training for our team members, are just some of the many ways in which are help to support your decorating project. Hardwood floors are a favorable choice because they significantly enhance homes with their warmth and beauty. Not only will you love your new look, your home will be worth more as well. From the earthy tones of birch to the natural elements of bamboo, wood flooring can complement any style of room.

Healthy customer relationships are key in our pursuit of increasing our ability of our product and services. That is why we continuously invest in improving product quality and with so many elements to consider in your decorating project, we help you design your interior from the floor up. Our holistic approach ensures we support you in creating the perfect space for your life style. Trust our experienced professionals to handle your hardwood flooring installation with care and precision. Our flooring specialists have years of experience installing floors of all kinds, so you don’t have to worry about your floors getting damaged during the installation process.

Guided by our trends and the latest technological improvements, we strive to inspire and delight our customers. Discover our vinyl flooring with a natural stone or wood for your living room, bedroom, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens or home offices.

Our new product developments continues to focus on reducing the environmental impact of our operations by providing a high level of durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and safe disposal due are a quality driven company with our manufacturing processes and systems. Whilst choosing environmentally preferable flooring from colorful flooring, it is important to be assured that this means compromise in choice and functionality for the product.

With a creative and interior mindset, colourful flooring manufactures of carpet tiles to become designed best. We believe that the ground beneath your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal and play. We strive for design excellence in everything we do from conception to installation; it is what sets us apart from other companies. We combine natural wood with cutting edge innovation to produce the highest quality, design led and sustainable wood flooring, we ensure that our impact will contribute to the well being of our future generations.

This gives us an unique edge in the Australian market and allows us to be more hands on and the entire manufacturing process ensuring sustainability, durability and superiority with all our products.There are so many things you can do to increase the property value of your home, but one of the most popular ways to increase its value is to add hardwood floors. Many prospective homebuyers look at the quality and the type of floor in a home when determining to make an offer or not.

Thanks to our wide selection of hardwood floors, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see which type of hardwood floor is best suited for you and your home. View our stunning collection of hardwood floors that come in various colors, finishes, grains, and textures.

We look forward to seeing you here!!!