Micra Premium – the designer’s best friend

Micra Premium is a homogeneous, high-quality vinyl flooring suitable for most types of premises such as schools, offices, healthcare facilities and other types of public buildings. Micra Premium is PUR reinforced and will need no wax and no polish for life.
Looking at all the PUR reinforced vinyl floorings in the market, Micra Premium is a very good choice due to its high-quality properties and competitive price.

Widest colour range in the market
Micra Premium offers one of the market’s widest colour ranges – with a total of 30 inviting colours to choose from.
This makes Micra Premium a favourite for designers who search for the perfect colour match, for almost any interior design setting. The colours are fresh and attractive, and the pattern is subtle and non-directional – in order to offer the best prerequisites for creating a modern and harmonious ambience. Micra Premium from Tarkett is unchallenged when it comes to creative freedom.



Light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02) – Level ≥ 6
Reaction to fire Bfl-s1
Electrical behaviour – body voltage (EN 1815) – kV < 2
Thermal conductivity Approx. 0.01
Total thickness (EN 428)  2 mm
Wear layer thickness (EN 429) 2 mm
Total weight (EN 430) 3
Abrasion group – volume loss (EN 660 – 2) – Group P
Abrasion group – volume loss (EN 660 – 2) – mm3 ≤ 4.0
Residual indentation (EN 433) – mm  Approx. 0.03
Classification – commercial (EN 685) – Class 34
Classification – industrial (EN 685) – Class 43
Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 717-2) – Lw – dB Approx. 4


  • 30 colours – market’s widest range
  • Subtle, non-directional design
  • PUR reinforced – Easy low cost maintenance
  • No additional surface treatment needed
  • Favourable initial cost

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Dark Grey, Light Brown, Brown Beige, Dark Brown, Yellow Brown, Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Green Blue, Light Green Blue, Dark Blue