Features & Benefits

  • 100% Pure wool carpet.
  • Featuring a durable, 3-ply, z-twist yarn for exceptional durability.
  • Designed for versatility in all applications.


  • Refined Level Tufted Loop Pile Carpet

ACCS Classification

  • Residential: Extra Heavy Duty (5*)
  • Contract:
    Medium Duty (2*)


  • 15 Year Residential*
  • 10 Year Insect Deterrent*

*Conditions apply



Description Refined Level Tufted Loop Pile
Pile Content 100% Pure New Wool
Gauge 3/16”
Total Pile Weight 1220g/m² (36oz/yd²)
Pile Height 7.0mm ± 1mm
Width 366cm
Primary Backing Woven polypropylene
Secondary Backing Blue Stripe Synthetic Backing
Fire Rating CHF Mean Result 7.0kw/m²
Smoke Value 125% min
Traffic Class Extra Heavy Duty Residential (5*)
ACCS Classification including Stairs Medium Duty Contract (2*)
Variation Specifications subject to ± 5% variation
Dye Batch Variation Colour variation may occur from batch to batch
*conditions apply
15 year residential*
10 year insect deterrent*
Pattern Repeat Not applicable
Environmental Quality Assured to ISO 9001 &
Environmental Management System
Residence complies with Australian
standards on low volatile organic
compounds and air emissions.


Unique natural look.
Featuring durable, 3-ply z-twist yarn made with
a blend of several different varieties of pure
wool, Residence contributes refined detail and
interest to any interior, with a uniquely natural
hairy look and feel.
Superior multi-level acoustics.
Residence performs exceptionally well in
reducing noise transmission between floors in
multi-level dwellings and developments, with
Ln,w + Ci values that meet the Builders Code of
Australia requirements for such buildings.
Highly flexible design.
Residence’s non-directional geometric pattern
has been carefully designed to avoid potential
clashes with patterned furniture, so can
enhance almost any interior theme.
Earthy, heathered palette.
Residence’s selection of 16 rich, heathered
colours—including options for subtle, earthy
highlights—contribute to the range’s
outstanding interior design versatility.
Keeps soiling secret.
When accidents occur, Residence’s heathering
and beautiful opaque low shine will help to
prevent soiling catching the eye before the next

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