7 Star Sensation from Cashmere Touch® is a fabulous 50oz carpet that you can really sink your toes into! A twist pile with a matte finish, Sensation is extremely soft with a cushioned bounce underfoot.




fibre Nysoft™
fibre weight 50oz(1700gsm)
construction twist
width 4m
warranty 20 yrs residential


Design tip:

“Soft opalescent colours make Sensation carpets a real standout amongst neutral and classic tones. Soft, light colours like Stream, Reverie and Ardency introduce a freshness into a decor theme – fantastic in bright, open spaces with a lightness in furnishings to match.“

Nathalie Scipioni,

Award winning Building & Interior Designer

NS Studio, Sydney

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Park Oak, Shimmer, Moxie, Ambition, Salacity, Ardour, Ardency, Mediation, Fortitude, Reverie, Wonderment, Intuition, Notion, Stream