The choice of floor covering in healthcare, aged care and specialist care environments can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of residents and staff. Quattro has been designed to enhance interiors, offering a practical solution where people can feel comfortable and safe. Quattro can also make a difference in education and leisure environments, where changing rooms, wet rooms, spas and pool sides require a high degree of slip resistance.



  • Barefoot/ shod safety product without the need for studs
  • 50+ on the Pendulum (Slider 96)
  • R11 Slip resistance
  • 12 Shades, 6 chipped, 6 unchipped
  • 2mm gauge
  • PUR
  • Designed for use in commercial & residential settings (Use area 23/34/43)
  • A+ BRE generic rating, 100% recyclable & low VOC emissions
  • P4

Polysafe Quattro has been specifically designed to provide a high degree of slip resistance whether wearing footwear or being barefoot in continually wet areas where additional contaminants such as shampoo and shower gels may be present. Engineered to achieve a sustainable slip resistance of 50+ (Slider 96) on the Pendulum wet test & Class B to DIN 51097, this range is not only practical but beautiful and engaging too. Available in 12 aqueous and subtle colours, of which 6 are chipped and 6 are unchipped. This stud-free safety flooring range offers superior comfort underfoot whilst maintaining high performance and safety.

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Granite Sky, Coastal Flint, Slate Haze, Cool Pebble, Deep Lagoon, Calm Azure, Sea Mist, Sea Spray, Truffle Shore, Barley Cove, Lunar Shell, Chalk Dune